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Nelson County High School is a fully accredited, comprehensive high school that has striven to provide every student with a quality education since its opening in 1969. Our success can be attributed to the continuing commitment of staff, students, parents and community to work toward a common goal of academic excellence for every student. As the world moves forward in the 21st century, Nelson County High School endeavors to make sure that every student is prepared for success in an ever-changing, diverse, complex society. Our students are encouraged to enroll in college credit classes, dual credit classes, Advanced Placement classes, cooperative education programs, and vocational classes at the Area Technology Center.  We work hard to provide quality instruction for all students regardless of their educational needs. Our  faculty and staff are committed to alleviating any barriers which might restrict the individual success of any student. Our students and staff members attempt daily to live up to the NCHS motto of Meeting Needs: Every Student, Every Day. 

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Information About Project Culture


Nelson County High School students embark on a Project Based Learning initiative entitled Project Culture that was actually designed by students.  Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate, plan and respond to authentic, engaging and complex problems or challenges.  When students began the initial design of this project, they created a driving question to address an important and relevant challenge:  How can we, as a school, use service learning to improve the culture of Nelson County High School?  

The students recommended implementing Project Culture through our Cardinal Crew program to engage everyone in a service project in and around our school.  Service learning reinforces elements of project based learning by applying a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.  The focus of Project Culture is Cardinal Pride—pride in our traditions, pride in our achievements and pride in our school—students designed total participation so everyone can also take pride in strengthening our community together as a team.

Students have already and will continue to encounter opportunities that encourage them to make decisions, be creative, communicate expectations, and collaborate with experts and each other to plan and implement their project.  Today, students are collaborating with a professional painter to help them with some of their questions for planning and organizing their project.  This group of students will have the opportunity to put their creative mark on the design of the school computer labs during the culminating event, a day of service, on April 21st.

Throughout the process, students will apply leadership, initiative, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, planning, organizing, coordinating, communication, and teamwork, all 21st Century Learning Skills and all of which they will encounter in the work force.